Welcome to the high school music Europe Blog! We will do our best to keep an ongoing blog that will be updated as often as possible.

Please remember this blog is intended to provide some sort of feedback on the trip and will be more of a journal than a full dissertation. Of course, lack of internet connectivity and time constraints will certainly play a role in this online documentation, but hopefully it will be a nice bonus for the people across the puddle (the Atlantic Ocean).

We are all excited for the upcoming trip and are currently in the last stages of preparation. Look forward to future updates!!

4/11/11 11:50am Local time
Written from V's Desk in the band office. Mertztown, PA


I wanted to make sure I posted the flight information on this page so you can keep track of the flights from your computer. Continental Airlines allows you to track the flights progress by using the flight numbers on their web page. Our first flight number is Continental 0036. The return flight is Continental 0113.


Looking forward to tomorrow!

4/13/11 11:38 Local time
Written from the band room. Mertztown, PA


Through the security checkpoint. Just a couple of people.

5:19 local time Newark nj


Last blog update from this side of the pond. Pumped to board. Should be very close to an ontime departure. I will try to post again soon when we land. Here is the picture of our chariot. Talk to you ask soon!

7:24 local time newark nj.



after a very long day where most of us are working on 36 hours or so with no sleep, its time to call it a night. Just a couple of images from the day! Everyone is settled for the night and things couldn't be running smoother!

4/15/11 8:15 local time, Leith, Scotland



Good morning! The group is awake and well fed. We are off to the castle and a football game. my next update will be tonight internet allowing! Having a blast and experiencing a bunch.

8:30 4/16/11 Leith, Scotland

Good evening PA! Just got back from a dinner in center city Edinburgh. The football match was a great chance to see how big soccer is in Europe. The fife and drum corps and bugles performed great and as always did fantastic at adapting to the always changing plans. The Edinburgh castle was beautiful and I think everyone got a new appreciation for something that is close to 1000 years old. Enjoy the photos!

8:40 4/16/11 Leith, Scotland



Good morning! There was no post last night but the day was beautiful. A true highlight to any high school music career, both ensembles had the rare chance to perform inside the walls of Sterling Castle! The fife and drum corps and bugles were in Queen Ann's garden and the choir had the chance to perform in the chapel where queens were coronated. We ended the night with a Scottish evening of food and song. Today we are off to York. Some of the folks here are saying that we are leaving the haggis and going to the yorkshire pudding. Cheers!

4/18/11 7:25 local time Leith, Scotland




Hello from London! We apologize for not being able to post the past two days; the hotel in York did not have internet readily available. Additionally, our tour guides have kept us plenty busy, so there wasn't any extra time for posting! As a quick update, on Monday we traveled from Scotland to York, England. Upon arrival in York, we went to sight-see and explored the magnificent York Minster. The choir was lucky enough to get the opportunity to perform a quick number in the Minster, which was an unforgettable experience for them. Yesterday, the choir performed at a retirement community where we got to meet some interesting English folks. We also got to see the Fountain Abby, which was absolutely beautiful. After exploring Fountain Abby, we had some free time in the shopping district in York. Today (Wednesday) was a travel day from York to London with a stop at Cambridge University. We had the opportunity to shop, eat, and explore before continuing on to London. Sorry there aren't any pictures; the internet here is very spotty and won't allow for file transfers. We're certainly enjoying ourselves, and look forward to touring London tomorrow!

4/20/2011 10:50 pm local time